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Hiroki Inagaki
Umeo Sato
Kazuumi Obara
Kazushi Iida
Apl. 2000

Oct. 2001

May 2002

Aug. 2002

Sep. 2002

Feb. 2003

Mar. 2003

Feb. 2004

Sep. 2004

Jul. 2005

Nov. 2005
The precursor band was united.
The members were Ingaki (g), Obara (g), Hashimoto (b), Sato (ds)
and Iida (vo).

1st album "departure" was released.

2nd album "acceleration" was released.

The band performed in the finals of
Yokohama Highschool Music Festival 2002 in Yokohama Arena.

The band was suspended due to taking examinations for college.

The band was restarted.

Hashimoto temporarily left from the band due to preparing for
another chance to enter a college next year.
Inagaki converted to the bassist instead of him.

3rd album "Ain't It Frashy" was released.
Hashimoto returned to the band.
The band was reunited by the original members.

Hashimoto left from the band.
Inagaki was installed to the regular bassist.

Bath&Well Project was started.

Single "Sophomoric Periods" was released.